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12wdc overview – Arctoris

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Arctoris’s involvement in the 12-week challenge

Image by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Last week we touched on GenieUs’s role in the 12-week drug discovery challenge. This week’s post will focus on who Arctoris are and their role in the 12-week challenge.

GenieUs is designing the project blueprint by processing Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) genomic data to identify genes/targets that are potentially contributing to the ALS phenotype. Once these targets are identified, they will be screened in silico with two drug pipelines (fragment and FDA approved) – that are known to influence the selected target/s – to determine which compounds bind in the most energetically favourable manner (refer to last week’s post). The resulting information will be prepared and handed over to Arctoris and their laboratories where the experimental work will take place.

Arctoris however, isn’t your typical laboratory. The process of drug discovery and conducting assays has not changed in decades. Researchers spend hours and days in the lab manually conducting time consuming experiments and organising large amounts of data. This compromises their ability to plan and move experiments forward. Arctoris have recognised these issues and are dedicated to transforming the drug discovery process. They are utilising the power of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain to propel lab research into the future.

Assays and experiments are conducted by their in-house robots. Ulysses is their entirely automated platform that brings togethers robotics, AI and blockchain to generate fast, precise, and accurate results that are replicable due to the removal of human error and variability. Additionally, Ulysses allows for reduced cycle times, decreased attrition rates which makes drug discovery success more likely. All data is available on their online portal in real time, which allows for a more a streamlined process. GenieUs has chosen to collaborate with Arctoris to bring their drug discovery project to life.

As well as potentially discovering a new ALS treatment in 12 weeks, both Arctoris and GenieUs are eager to demonstrate the power of AI drug discovery and how it can be applied to real world problems, such as ALS.

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